Vehicle Registration

Auto Title of Louisiana (ATLA) can renew your vehicle registration, update your address, or print a duplicate registration.

  • 1. Registration Renewal
  • 2. Duplicate Registration
  • 3. Change of Address


Q. What is needed to renew my vehicle registration?

A. Bring in your driver’s license, proof of insurance and your soon to expire or expired vehicle registration (if available).

Q. What about the sticker that goes on my license plate? Can you renew that as well?

A. This is included with the Vehicle Registration renewal, it’s printed at the same time on the renewal.

Q. My Registration is up to date, but the sticker on my plate has expired or was removed. What can I do?

A. We can print a duplicate sticker for you. The process is the same as a duplicate registration.

Q. What if I have a block/flag on my Registration because of a lapse of insurance (also known as an NI Flag)?

A. Yes, we can assist you with clearing this type of flag. Come into our office at 2309 Clearview Pkwy Metairie, LA 70001 and consult with one of our agents.

Q. I lost my vehicle registration can I get a duplicate?

A. Yes, we can print you a duplicate in just a couple of minutes, bring in your driver license or photo id.

Q. Can I renew the Registration for my friend or family member?

A. Yes, print the Vehicle Application 1799 form and the Permission to Process a Transaction forms from our forms menu. Bring in both of these forms signed by the vehicle owner and a copy of the owner’s proof of insurance.

Q. I’ve recently moved and need to change my address on my vehicle registration?

We can make that change for you in minutes. Bring in a state issued photo id along with proof of residency. Don’t forget to change you driver license also. If incorrect, you can be cited for having an old address and may not be able to renew your Brake Tag.

Types of proof:

● Property tax receipt from the tax assessor’s office.

● Louisiana voter registration card

● Utility statements (gas, electric, water, cable/satellite, telephone)

● W-2 forms

● Health insurance, vehicle insurance, home insurance

● Statement on letterhead from the postmaster in the city they reside verifying the address

Q. I was recently married / divorced. Can you update my name on my Vehicle Registration?

A. That depends on whether your vehicle is being financed. Come into our office so we can further assist with your particular situation.