Notary Services

  • 1. General Notarizations
  • 2. Power of Attorney (Procuration)
  • 3. Limited Power of Attorney
  • 4. Provisional Custody by Mandate
  • 5. Simple Wills
  • 6. Affidavits
  • 7. Certified / True Copies
  • 8. Unlimited Notary Contracts

Louisiana is a Civil Law state. A Civil Law Notary has broad powers usually reserved for attorneys in other states. A Notary can draft, prepare and execute affidavits, acknowledgments and Authentic Acts.


Q. Can you list and briefly explain some of documents Auto Title of Louisiana notarizes?


1. General Notarizations There are many documents that require notarization: Affidavits, Titles, Powers of Attorney, Articles of Incorporation, Lien Instruments and so on. Generally these are documents that the customer brings in and just needs to be signed in front of the notary. Auto Title of Louisiana (ATLA) $15.00 dollars for the first signature and $5.00 for each signature after (does not include document form completion or document preparation).

2. General Power of Attorney Making a General Power of Attorney gives authority to another person (your “Agent”) to act in your behalf. These powers can include handling financial affairs, business matters, making gifts, medical decisions, and more. A General Power of Attorney is a great tool if you will be traveling and need someone to handle certain matters, in the military or in the event you are physically or become mentally incapable of managing your own affairs or making medical decisions.

3. Limited Power of Attorney You can specify which powers an Agent may exercise by making a Limited Power of Attorney. This is useful when one cannot be present to handle affairs due to other commitments. Selling or donating automobiles, transferring property, and paying bills, are just a few of the common powers specified in a Limited Power of Attorney.

4. Provisional Custody by Mandate Provisional Custody by Mandate is a Louisiana instrument that allows parents of a minor child to authorize another person to provide for the care, custody and control of that minor. Provisional Custody is used when a minor child will be spending an extended period of time with someone who is not his/her parent or legal guardian. The “Custodian” usually has the power to enroll the child in school, discipline the child, authorize medical care for the child, and perform any other acts necessary for the well-being of the child. The authority can be granted for a period of no greater than one year.*Provisional Custody is different from full Legal Custody and Adoption, both of which are usually permanent and require a court proceeding.

5. Affidavits An Affidavit is a statement of facts which is sworn to (or affirmed) before an officer who has authority to administer an oath (i.e. Notary Public). Common types of Affidavits in Louisiana are Affidavits of Residency, Affidavits of Heirship, and Affidavits of Error, etc. If you need us to prepare a particular affidavit ATLA can help.

6. Certified / True Copies Notaries are frequently asked to make a “Certified” or “Attested” copy of an original document. Please note that when a Notary makes an “Attested” copy of a document, he/she is not guaranteeing the authenticity of the Original Document, its contents, or its effects. The Notary is simply stating that the document photocopy is a “True” and complete copy of the original document that was presented. Bring us your Original Passport, Driver’s License, College Degree or other Original Document and we will make a “Certified True Copy” (You must present the original document to the Notary.)

Q. What forms of I.D. can you accept?

A. We accept any original government issued I.D. and a few others. (U.S. issued Driver’s License, State Issued I.D., Passport, and TWIC Card)

Q. Can I bring a document signed by another person to be notarized?

A. No. The person who is signing the document must appear before and sign the document in the presence of the Notary after presenting a valid form of identification.

Q. My document requires witnesses. Do I need to bring two people in with me?

A. No, normally we are staffed to handle this situation.

Q. Do you notarize Wills and/or Trusts prepared by someone else or another notary?

A. No, at this time ATLA does not prepare or notarize any will or trust.