Driver’s License Services

We provide driver license, ID, and handicap ID services such as renewals, duplicates, and address corrections. If your driver’s license has a block or is suspended, we can issue a first time ID, provided you have a Louisiana driver’s license on record.

  • 1. Driver’s License Renewal
  • 2. Duplicate Driver’s License
  • 3. Changes of Address
  • 4. First Time Driver’s License
  • 5. Driver’s License Emergency Contact

Driver License

Ever heard of the phrase “time is money”? Here at Auto Title of Louisiana (ATLA) we can now save you time, a lot of time, so therefore we’re also saving you money. How you may ask? ATLA now has the ability to renew, update your information such as a change of address or duplicate your Louisiana Driver’s License. You’re done in a matter of minutes instead of hours!


Q. What does it cost to renew my Driver’s License?

A. A Regular Class E Driver’s License with no endorsements or late fees cost $32.50 plus our $18.00 Convenience Fee. For a full chart of fees click here.

Q. Why does Auto Title of Louisiana charge more than the DMV?

A. We are permitted by the Office of Motor Vehicles to charge an $18.00 Convenience Fee. How much is your time worth? By using us, you can avoid hours of sitting and waiting.

Q. How soon before my Driver’s License expires can I have it renewed?

A. You can renew as early as 180 days (six months) before the expiration date.

Q. How many years is my renewal valid?

A. A Louisiana Driver’s License is valid for 6 years.

Q. Can you use my old Driver’s License photo?

A. In order to maintain updated records, the state requires a new photo with every renewal, change of information, or duplicate.

Q. Can I renew my Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)?

A. No, as of now this service cannot be provided by a Public Tag Agency. We are hopeful that this will change in the near future. But we are hopeful that this service will be extended to Public Tag Agencies in the near future.

Q. I have a flag blocking my Driver’s License, can ATLA help me?

A. Yes, provided that it is a simple no-insurance (NI) flag.

Q. I am new to the state, can I get my Louisiana Driver’s License at ATLA?

A. This is not a service a Public Tag Agent can provide at this time. Unfortunately you must visit your local DMV for the initial issuance. Public Tag Agents can help you with renewals, changes of address, and duplicates.

Q. I recently married/divorced, can I change my name on my Driver’s License at ATLA?

A. This is not a service that a Public Tag Agency can provide at this time. We are hopeful this will change in the near future but for now you will have to go to your local DMV.

Q. I need a motorcycle endorsement?

A. This is something that we can only renew along with your driver license. For first time issuance you must visit your local DMV.