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Act of Donation

Antique License Plate Affidavit

App Dlr Plate

Bill of Sale Moveable

Bill of Sale

Cancelled Plate-Receipt

Consignment of Motor Vehicle

Crushed Vehicle Affidavit

Dealer License Plate Application

Dealer Personalized License Plate

Delivery Affidavit

Designation of Handicap License Plate

Disabled Veteran Plate Affidavit for Veteran sAffairs Office

DL or ID Application

Farm Use Statement

Federal Odometer Statement

Glider Kit Assembled Disclosure

GoldStar License Plate Application

Heirship Affidavit

Hold Harmless Affidavit

LADPS State EFT Form

Lien Assignment

Limited Power of Attorney

Manual Gift

Medical Examiner Certificate

Non-Conformity Sellers Disclosure

Non-Possession Affidavit

Non-Residency Affidavit

Odometer Reading Error affidavit

Out of State Declaration

Permission for Spouse to Trade

Permission to Process Transaction

Permit to Dismantle Vehicle

Physician Certificate for Seat Belt Exemption

Pretrade Affidavit

Public Plate Application

Reconstructed Parts List

Release and Notice of Titling Obligation

Report of Stored Vehicle

Request for Commercial Plate

Request For Refund

Request for Resale Title Only

Request for Rescession of Sale

Salvage Reconstructed Hail-Water Damage

Salvage to Reconstrcuted


Secure POA Order Form

Statement of Clerical Error

Statement of Error

Statement of Fact

Statement of Non-Use

Statement of Sole Owner

Statement of Vehicle Sold, Donated, or Junked

Statement One Same

Street Cruiser Affidavit

Street Rod Affidavit

Tax Exemption CertificationR1310

Tax Verification Form

Title Authorization Form

Title Correction Form

Tow Truck Plate Affidavit

T-Tag Order Form

UCC1 Lien Recordation Document

Vehicle Application1799 (VEH)

Weighted License Plate Acknowledgment