Auto Title of Louisiana is a Public Tag Agent (PTA) for the state of Louisiana, we are an authorized provider for the Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV). Our computers are interfaced with the State of Louisiana giving us full access to OMV records.

  • 1. Fast turnaround time on deals
  • 2. Rushes done same day
  • 3. Competitive pricing
  • 4. Great customer service by employees eager and happy to help
  • 5. Electronic Lien and Title Service (ELT; used by Banks, Credit Unions, etc.)

Q. I’m a licensed Dealer and / or Lienholder, how can Auto Title of Louisiana help me?

Auto Title of Louisiana is authorized to collect applicable sales tax, and registration fees for the State of Louisiana including the issuance of license plates on the spot. We process applications filed for certificates of title, duplicate titles, corrected of titles, lien recordations.

Q. What is the Electronic Lien and Title (ELT) program?

We are an ELT provider for the state of Louisiana. Louisiana requires all lienholders that process over 250 loans per year to participate in this program. If this is something you’re in need of please give us a call so we can further assist you.

Here are a few points of service:

• Great customer service with employees eager to help.

• 3 day turn around on general work processed

• Rushes done same day (given work brought in at a decent hour)

• Less rejects – try to take care of small problems by a simple phone call if possible