Auto Title Transfers

We also process additional transactions such as applications filed for title transfers, duplicate certificates of title, and renewals for registrations and license plates. Title transfers with license plates are issued on the spot with proof of insurance.

  • 1. Vehicle Sale
  • 2. Vehicle Donation
  • 3. State to State Transfers
  • 4. Heirship (Transactions Involving Deceased Owners)

Auto Title of Louisiana (ATLA) can handle all of your Title Transfer needs. Whether it has to do with a sale, donation, state to state transfer (moving from another state to Louisiana), or an heirship (transfers involving deceased owners) we can get it done. ATLA can transfer Autos, Trucks, Motorcycles, Trailers, Off Road, etc.


Q. How can ATLA help me with buying or selling my vehicle?

A. This isn’t a simple question to answer because there are many different scenarios. Although most transfer are simple some can be a little complicated. We will prepare and notarize all the appropriate paper work needed for your transaction. An example of simple and easy transaction: the title for the vehicle is needed, both buyer and seller are present with their Valid State issued Driver’s License or Sate ID (can be from any state), and buyers proof of insurance if a license plate is to be issued. Proof of insurance is not needed if ONLY a title transfer is to be done. If you’re not sure what to do and it’s one of those complicated or strange transfers, give us a call (504-887-0588) or visit our office at 2309 Clearview Pkwy Metairie, LA 70001.

Q. I bought a car and the seller just wants to sign and hand me the title. Can you help me?

A. Yes. Come into our office with a third party who witnessed the signing of the Title. We will take their oath by witness acknowledgment and process your title transfer (Call for additional details or instructions when the seller cannot be present).

Q. Are there any specific things I should look for on the title?

A. Some titles may be “Branded” for one thing or another. Some types of Branded titles include: Bonded Title – If you see a title marked bonded do not purchase this vehicle because Louisiana does not recognize them. This vehicle cannot be registered in this state. Salvage Title – This title states the vehicle was deemed a total loss and is not road worthy. Reconstructed or Rebuilt – When the salvaged vehicle has been fixed and deemed road worthy.

Q. What is a Donation?

A. When you gift or donate your vehicle to a friend or family member we can assist you with this type of transfer. An Act of Donation is an Authentic Act executed before a Notary, both buyer and seller need to be present in front of two witnesses (all parties must have valid identification). A donation takes place when no monies are transferred between buyer and seller. In most cases a vehicle donation is a tax free transaction subject only to title, registration, and license plate fees (provided proof of insurance is provided).

Q. What if I’m moving from another state to Louisiana?

A. If your vehicle is paid for, bring in the title, state issued ID or Driver License and proof of insurance (to receive your License Plate). If you are leasing or still paying notes, we can assist you and your Lender or Lessor to acquire the proper documentation needed.

Q. I’m trying to buy a vehicle but the owner is deceased, how do I proceed?

A. These types of transfers can be simple or rather complex depending on your particular scenario. To best suit your needs I would suggest calling us so we can help with your particular situation at 504-887-0588.

Q. I am buying a vehicle from a private owner in another state, what do I need to sign?

A. This is a hard question to answer since titles are different for each state. Call us 504-887-0588 before you agree to purchase the vehicle so we can give you the best possible advice.

Q. Do I need Insurance to do a Title Transfer?

A. We can issue a title and transfer ownership without insurance but cannot issue a license plate. If you don’t intend on driving the vehicle yet then you will not need proof of insurance. Once you bring us the insurance, we can issue your license plate.

Q. We made a mistake while filing out the back of the title, can I erase the error or white it out?

A. NO! NO! NO! This will VOID the title. Some mistakes can be corrected so we may be able to help you.

Q. I am selling my vehicle to someone in another state, what should I do?

Bring in the title along with your identification so we can properly prepare the necessary documents and protect you from this type of sale.

Q. If a family member passed away, must I open a “Succession” to take or transfer ownership of his or her vehicle?

A. No. Under the right circumstances and with the cooperation of immediate Heirs, ATLA can simplify the process during this most difficult time.